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Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current Tube Inspection | Crack Detection | Material Segregation

Eddy current testing is widely used in the Aerospace Automobile, Power Generation and in other manufacturing and service environments that require inspection of thin metal for potential safety-related or quality-related problems. In addition to crack detection in metal sheets and tubing, eddy current can be used for certain metal thickness measurements such as identifying corrosion under aircraft skin, to measure conductivity and monitor the effects of heat treatment, and to determine the thickness of non conductive coatings over conductive substrates. Both field portable and fixed system instruments are available to meet a wide variety of test needs.

Eddy current NDT can examine large areas very quickly, and it does not require use of coupling liquids. In addition to finding cracks, eddy current can also be used to check metal hardness and conductivity in applications where those properties are of interest, and to measure thin layers of nonconductive coatings like paint on metal parts. At the same time, eddy current testing is limited to materials that conduct electricity and thus cannot be used on plastics. In some cases, eddy current and ultrasonic testing are used together as complementary techniques, with eddy current having an advantage for quick surface testing and ultrasonics having better depth penetration.

Common applications

  • Eddy current instruments can be used in a wide variety of tests. Some of the most common are listed below.
  • Weld Inspection – Many weld inspections employ ultrasonic NDT for subsurface testing and a complimentary eddy current method to scan the surface for open surface cracks on weld caps and in heat affected zones.
  • Conductivity Testing – Eddy current testing’s ability to measure conductivity can be used to identify and sort ferrous and nonferrous alloys, and to verify heat treatment.
  • Surface Inspection – Surface cracks in machined parts and metal stock can be readily identified with eddy current. This includes inspection of the area around fasteners in aircraft and other critical applications.
  • Corrosion Detection – Eddy current instruments can be used to detect and quantify corrosion on the inside of thin metal such as aluminum aircraft skin. Low frequency probes can be used to locate corrosion on second and third layers of metal that cannot be inspected ultrasonically.
  • Bolt Hole Inspection – Cracking inside bolt holes can be detected using bolt hole probes, often with automated rotary scanners.
  • Tubing inspection – Both in-line inspection of tubing at the manufacturing stage and field inspection of tubing like heat exchangers are common eddy current applications. Both cracking and thickness variations can be detected.

Facilities Available with us

  • Eddy Current Tube Inspection
  • Remote Field Eddy Current Testing
  • Eddy Current Surface Crack Detection
  • Eddy Current Conductivity testing
  • Material Mix-up Segregation/ Sorting
  • In-line Manual & Automated Testing System Development
  • Eddy Current Probes Manufacture & Supply.

Eddy current testing is utilized to

  • Determine general tube integrity
  • Detect tube OD problems
  • Detect tube ID problems
  • Detect water treatment problems Detect water flow problems
  • Detect machine vibration problems Detect tube manufacturing problems

Benefits in Eddy Current Testing

  • Assessment of residual life of the tubes
  • Avoid unnecessary shutdown due to tube leakage in condenser
  • 100% Quality Testing with Repeatability.
  • Best method for sorting of components, When compare to other Existing Method
  • Materials sorter for Ferrous and Non Ferrous
  • This testing is used for sorting Mixup Materials at any stages for finished components like Bars, Fasteners, Pins, Bushes, etc

Materials can be sorted according to

  • Alloy Type
  • Heat
  • Treat Condition
  • Hardness
  • Case Depth
  • Grain Structure
  • Chemical composition
  • Physical

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