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Specification Sturdy, for shop floor use Versatile Particularly suitable for easily alloyed and oblong parts CT series loop demagnetizers are durable devices based on proven technology. The magnetic parts are drawn slowly (0.15 m/s) through the coil opening. The parts... read more

Copper Braided Pad

Specification The wide array of our Copper Braided (Mesh) Pads is widely demanded in the market, for its perfect make and anti-corrosive features. The Copper Braided Pads, offered by us ensure the highly flexible and conductive surfaces. We use sheets of electrolytic... read more

Centrifuge Tube (MPI)

Specification   Centrifuge Tube Centrifuge Tube Stand Centrifuge Tubes are used to perform a Settling Test, to measure particle concentrations, of Wet Method Inspection Media (Visible or Fluorescent). The tubes are outlined in ASTM D 96, however the procedures... read more

Castrol Strips

Specification Type G (or Type I or Gold) General Purpose Castrol Strips. Used for General Industrial Inspection on High Permeability Ferro-Magnetic (Mild and High Carbon Steels) work pieces. Type A (or Type II or Silver) Inspection of Aviation or other critical parts.... read more

Magnetic field indicator (Pie Gauge)

Specification Length: 122 mm Width: 131 mm Diameter: 125 mm Description: The magnetic field indicator serves to show the presence and approximate direction of the magnetic field during magnetic particle inspection. Eight triangularly shaped segments of low carbon... read more


Specification Models: VNS-7 (115V) & VNS-7K (230V) Voltage: 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz Current: 4.0 Amps (VNS-7) & 2.0 Amps (VNS-7K) Cord Length:  12’(3.7m), 3-18 SOOW Lift: AC-10 pounds (4.6kg) DC-50 pounds (23kg) Capacity: 0 to 11” (0-280mm) Weight: 75 pounds... read more

Residual Gauss Meter

Specification Dimensions – 63mm Diameter 34mm Deep (Gauge Only). Precision Instrument supplied in robust water proof and dust proof case Accurate to within 3% of full scale. +10 to –10 gauss or +20 to – 20 gauss (pictured) + to -2gauss Weight 75 grams... read more

Ketos Test Ring

Specification   Product Specifications and Details The Keto’s Ring provides a quick method for an MPI inspector to check the operational readiness of a Wet Method Prepared Bath System. It ensure his UV Lamp is working correctly, his Bath is ready to detect... read more