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Services we Offer

Vibrant NDT Services leads the way with new inspection techniques driven by the needs and specific applications of the industry to offer you a broader range of inspection solutions & NDT Equipment. We offer a wide range of services to our clients

Inspection Services

1. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection(UFD)
2. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
3. Penetrant Testing (PT)
4. Radiography Testing (RT)
5. Visual Inspection & Videoscopy/Boroscopy (VI)
6. Phased Array UT& TOFD (PAUT)
7. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging /D Metering (UTG)
8. In-situ Oxide Scale Thickness Measurement (IOT)
9. Coating Thickness & Thru-Coat Thickness Measurements (CT)
10. Nodularity Inspection by Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement
11. Leak Testing using by Helium, Hydrogen& Nitrogen (LT)

12. Eddy Current Testing – Tube Inspections (ECT)
13. Eddy current Metal Sorting
14. Positive Material Identifications (PMI)
15. Infra-Red Thermography Testing (IRT)
16. Residual Life Time Assessment(RLA) of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Rotor & Turbines
17. Conditional Assessment (CA) of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Rotor & Turbines
18. Corrosion Monitoring &Corrosion Mapping
19. Vibration Analysis (VA)
20. Ultrasonic Concrete Testing-Pulse Velocity (UCT)
21. Hardness Testing (HT)
22. In-situ Metallography Replica (IMR)

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection(UFD)/ Ultrasonic Testing

1. Weld and Parametric scanning for Cracks, Inclusions, Pores, Laminations, Corrosions and other defects in Piping, Vessels, Columns, Nozzles, Plates, Boilers, etc.
2. Machined Automobile Components with minor defects& cracks.
3. Lamination defects and in rolled Steel Plates.
4. Lamellar Tearing defects in welded Rolled Steel plates.

Eddy Current Testing

  1. Wall thinning problems in Heat Exchanger tubes, Condenser Tubes, Moderators, Boiler tubes, Synthesizers, Economizers etc.
  2. Cracks and service induced defects in Condensers, Exchangers, generators etc.
  3. Surface cracks in Turbine blades and other components.
  4. Critical Surface Defects in aircraft engine components, compressor blades, nozzles etc.
  5. Segregating Material mix-up’s in automobile components.
  6. Mass filtering defective components in mass production areas with advanced Metal sorters.
  7. Isolating defective components based in Hardness Variations, Chemical Composition etc.
  8. Conductivity based testing in various aerospace and automobile components.

Remote Visual Inspection

  1. Remote Visual Inspection by Videoscopy & Boroscopy techniques in Piping and other parts for Deposits & foreign particles.
  2. Identifying internal corrosion spots and damaged locations.
  3. Inspection in critical areas and confined spaces not approachable manually.
  4. Checking for foreign particles and deposits in aircraft fuel systems.
  5. Videoscopy of aircraft Jet engine components for surface cracks, foreign materials to ensure safe flight operation

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

  1. Online High Temperature Thickness Gauging and corrosion monitoring for service induced damages in Pressure Vessels and Columns.
  2. Corrosion mapping and Localized Thinning assessment in Pressure Vessels, Piping, Columns etc.
  3. Internal Oxide scale formation in Boiler tube components like FSH, PSH, RH, LTSH, etc., and life expectancy assessments.
  4. Conventional Thickness Monitoring of Piping, Vessels, Reducers, Tees, Elbows, Nozzles and other components in power plants and Petroleum Industries.

Helium Leak Testing

  1. Identification of Condenser Negative Pressure Parts by leak detection methods.
  2. Leak testing in Heat Exchangers, Condenser Tubes, Air-fin Coolers, Boilers, Valves, Generators, etc.
  3. Identifying high oxygen levels in process
  4. Locating Steam Turbine and Condenser vacuum leaks.
  5. Water in process lines due to leak in heat exchangers

Infra-Red Thermography

  1. Identification of overheating in Electrical Systems, Fuses, Transformers, Over Head Buss work, etc.
  2. Identifying Corroded Electrical Connections & Overloads,
  3. Over Heating in Bearings and Motors,
  4. Heat monitoring High temperature Towers.