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Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing | Ultrasonic Flaw Detection | Ultrasonic Weld Inspection

Ultrasonic Inspection is a very useful and versatile NDT method. It is sensitive to both surface and subsurface discontinuities. It has other uses, such as thickness measurement, in addition to flaw detection.

Vibrant NDT Services provide Efficient Reliable and Cost Effective NDT inspection on par with the accepted standards.

What is Material Testing by Ultrasonics?

Sound in the frequency range of 500 x 103 cycles/sec(500KHz.) to about 50 x 106 cycles/sec. (50 MHz.) is used for Material Testing by Ultrasonics. It is above the human audible range and hence it is called Ultrasonic. Ultrasonic is the most extensively used NDT method.

It has following inherent advantages over other methods.

  • Safe
  • Gives instant results
  • Can penetrate high thickness
  • Economical
  • Can generate instant report
  • Can detect majority of types of defects
  • Easy to introduce automation

Following are the types and sub-types of Ultrasonic Testing.

  • Material Testing for surface/internal discontinues
    • Detecting discontinuity
    • Locating discontinuity
    • Evaluating discontinuity
    • Diagnosing discontinuity
  • Wall thickness Measurement.
    • Remaining (Residual) thickness measurement.
    • Checking dimensions of a solid object.
  • Material Characterization.
    • Determining Physical Properties.
    • Percentage nodularity in SG Cast Iron.

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