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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging is a method of performing non-destructive investigation to check material properties such as thickness using ultrasonic waves. Vibrant NDT Services makes use of this NDT technique in a professional way in situations where an inspector has access to only one side of a part whose thickness must be determined, such as the case of a pipe or tube, or where simple mechanical measurement is impossible or impractical for other reasons such as part size or access limitations. The ability to gauge the thickness of a solid element without requiring access to both sides of the test piece, offers this technology a multitude of possible applications. Making the most of this advantage, Vibrant NDT Services (VNS) utilizes Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging technique in all areas of industrial measurements.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge measures the speed of propagation of the ultrasonic waves in the given material, and then converts this speed to the thickness in millimetres, applying a suitable mathematical formula. Paint thickness gauge, ultrasonic coating thickness gauge, digital thickness gauges and many more options are available to test plastics, glass, ceramics, metal and other materials.: An ultrasonic thickness gauge determines sample thickness by measuring the amount of time the sound wave takes to traverse from the transducer through the material to the other end of a part, and then measures the time which the reflection takes to get back to the transducer. The ultrasonic thickness gauge then calculates the data based on the speed of the sound through the tested sample. Ultrasonic thickness Gauging offers a number of benefits over mechanical and optical measurement techniques in a variety of common manufacturing and in-service test applications, supporting quality control, reliability, and condition monitoring in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.


  • Does not require access to both sides of the sample.
  • Can be engineered to cope with coatings, linings, etc.
  • Good accuracy (0.1 mm and less) can be achieved using standard timing techniques.
  • Can be easily deployed, does not require laboratory conditions.
  • Compatible with data logging and statistical analysis programs.

Vibrant NDT Services frequently uses Ultrasonic thickness gauging to monitor metal thickness or weld quality in industrial settings. Our technicians equipped with portable gauges probes reach steel plating in sides, tanks, decks and the superstructure. They can read its thickness by simply touching the steel with the measurement head (transducer). This easy procedure is used to inspect metal to determine quality and safety without destroying or compromising its integrity.

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